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The Best of Beauty

This is the only blush I own that really lasts all day long with no requirement for touch ups. It's truly a 24/7 blush, that being said though, use a light hand, because this stuff is crazy pigmented. It goes on smooth and the sleek packaging of the amazon river is a cute touch. I also like that the packaging color reflects the blush color held inside. They're a little pricy but you only need a small amount and never have to touch up; they also come in a large range of colors, providing lots of options for you!

St. Tropez

Say hello to a streak-free deep bronze glow. I get so many compliments every time I have this product on. I'm pretty pale but this stuff gives me a dark just back from the beach tan. It doesn't smell and thank heavens it doesn't streak. You definitely need to apply it with the mitt for a flawless and orange-hand-free coverage.
Benefit They're Real
The ultimate compliment is when someone asks you if you're wearing fake eyelashes and I get that all the time when I wear this mascara. I'm a drugstore girl all the way when it comes to mascara since I go through them fairly quickly so I was a bit hesitant to buy a high end one. But this is completely worth it because it turns my lashes into va va VOOM lashes.
Clinique Dramatically Different
I really enjoy the Clinque brand as a whole. Their stuff just works which is why I can justify the price tag. When it comes to my skin, I have the mentality that it's the only one I'll ever get & the largest organ on our body, so I like to spoil mine :) This stuff is moisturizing without being oily and slightly evens out my skin tone. Not as well as the "even better" lotion but if your skin isn't super blotchy like mine, this stuff may be enough for you.

Once you go MAC, you never go back! I love their packaging so much, it's one of the main things that really drew me to MAC. But the real reason why I love their eyeshadows is because the shades are so unique. There are lots of different finishes and tons of different shades, you can truly find a MAC eye shadow in any color you desire. Matte, Satin, Lustre, and Frost are just some of the finishes and the coolest thing is that most of the colors, aside from matte ones, are multifaceted and chalk full of different iridescent shades depending on the lighting you're in. They are all crazy pigmented so a little goes a long way and when you use up 6 eye shadows you can return the empty pots to a store and get a free one!
Estee Lauder Double Wear
I'm an absolute foundation JUNKIE. You name a foundation and I bet you I have tried it. I'm obsessed with face products and this is one of only three foundations I have ever repurchased. New products come onto the market and I'm always eager to try, but this is one product I can never be without. It's 100% full coverage and will cover every and any imperfection you have. It's not super cakey for being so full coverage... granted I only use it for special events, dates, going out, so maybe 3x a week because it is a bit too much coverage for my everyday wear.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced makes my favorite eye shadow base because unlike Urban Decay, this stuff never creases and goes on smooth without drying my eyelids. I really enjoy the color range and the lasting power of this product.
Philosophy Purity
Quite simply put, this stuff dissolves all your makeup without stinging your face or eyes. I use it all over my face and the makeup just melts off. It doesn't have a scent which I love for my sensitive skin and leaves me feeling fresh.
Clinique Even Better
I have acne scars, I have freckles, and I have hyper pigmentation. Nothing a small layer of foundation can't hide but sometimes I want to go out with a bare face and this stuff has given me the confidence to do so. After two months of using this, I am comfortable enough with my skin to go out with no foundation on. It made my skin smoother and toned down the color so it's now not an array of 5 different shades. The price tag at $44 isn't pretty but this stuff has seriously transformed my skin.


When it comes to Essie nail polish, it's very simple why I love them, they never chip! They just kind of fade away off of your nail which leaves for a way more polished look then nails chipping all over the place.


  1. I used to love Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation ... but then they changed the formula and I'm just not a fan anymore. I returned two other foundations after that before finding Bobbi Brown (Long Wear / Even Finish) Compact Foundation and it is truly my favorite foundation ever. It's pricy - more than I've ever spent on foundation - but it's so worth it. It looks so natural, but it still covers really well. I definitely recommend it :)

    I've been wanting to try Benefits They're Real mascara for awhile now, but always end up choosing something else. I hear such mixed reviews on it - some people absolutely love it, and others it doesn't do anything for. I am in the market for a new bottle, though, so I may have to try it this time!

    1. try out a mini kit from ultra or sepora near the checkout aisle! it'd only be like $10 and a good way to test it out! =]