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What Disney Princess Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse With ?

Imagine this: The CDC has put out a mass warning to all to stay inside or flee north as signs of a rare disease is spreading throughout the country. Side effects include the dead coming back to life and consuming human flesh. The zombie apocalypse is upon us, who do you want by your side?


What she brings to the table-  Rapunzel is locked up high in a stone tower, so how would the zombies ever get inside? I suppose they could knock it over but in all the fairy tale pictures I’ve seen of Rapunzel’s fortress, it looks very sturdy and able to withstand some pushing from weak boned half dead creatures.
Drawbacks- Her bird friends can bring you nuts and berries but how long before you end of starving up in that tower because of lack of food?


What she brings to the table- She is a born hunter and gatherer. She will kill meat for you, tell you which berries are poisonous and prepare a feast. She is used to living outside so I’m sure her shelter building skills are impressive and if she can kill a deer, she can definitely kill a zombie.
Drawbacks- I can absolutely see grandmother Willow getting into her head and convincing Pocahontas to ditch you. She’s used to roaming on her own and it will only be a matter of time before she discovers you’re just another mouth to feed and your pace is slowing her down.

Snow White

What she brings to the table- She’s great at playing dead and if the time came, I wholeheartedly believe she could convince the zombies to ignore her via her amazing acting skills. Also, she lives with seven men with short legs, which you could easily outrun if the time came to make a break for it 

Drawbacks- That’s a lot of mouths to feed and Snow is quite the damsel in distress so you would really have to take the lead on the whole killing zombies thing.


What she brings to the table- Obviously, she could freeze a large number of zombies in 2 seconds or less and could create a fortress of ice to keep you safe. Also, I’ve never seen zombies slip on ice before but I’m sure its hilarious.
Drawbacks- She’s moody and bossy and can you really see yourself living in the freezing cold for the rest of time? Also, she will always pick her sister over you if the time ever comes when she has to choose.


What she brings to the table- She is a fierce warrior who could slice through zombies and protect you from any danger.

Drawbacks- She’s definitely a conflicted soul going through a bit of a gender crisis and comes from a complicated family. As much as she excels in fighting, do you really want to be stuck with all that family baggage and her constantly talking about her daddy issues?


What she brings to the table- I don’t think zombies can swim? At least not very well so living under the sea might be an advantage, that is, if she can somehow convince a sea witch to grant you fins. There’s plenty of food and resources in the ocean and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

Drawbacks- If she can’t turn you into a mermaid, you’re pretty much screwed and if you’re allergic to shellfish or hate sushi, you will definitely starve.

Who Would You Pick?

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